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We create custom digital content so that you can focus on your business.

Need a lot of content? Can’t seem to stay on top of it?

It’s no wonder. You didn’t get into business to create content. But we did. Let us wrestle your half-baked, back-of-napkin ideas into the content you need so that you can focus on what YOU do best. It’s a win-win. Check out our Explainer Video or keep scrolling to learn me. We can help!


The Core

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Tee Schneider has worked as a professional artist for over twenty years across multiple disciplines. She brings a unique combination of digital experience, a foundation in design, a decade-long dedication to branding, a whackload of production experience, a background in liaising, education and arts administration, some basic coding and two liberal arts degrees. Tee takes the lead on day-to-day operations and content creation for Bespokably. Tee has a B.A in Theatre and an M.F.A. in Acting.

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Greg Schneider is the Director of Accounts and Business Development @officialCOMMUNITY, an industry leading online brand management agency for rockstars. His clients have included Elton John, George Michael, Celine Dion, James Taylor, Alice Cooper, Santana, David Gray and more. At Bespokably, Greg handles Analytics, Facebook Advertising, web strategy, and growth hacking for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Greg has a B.F.A. in Drama and an M.F.A in Acting.

Deep Thoughts

“That 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket”

"What kind of boss hires a thwarted actress for a business-to-business software startup? Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s 42-year-old cofounder and CEO, whose estimated double-digit stake in the company could be worth $300 million or more...And he’s far from alone. Throughout the major U.S. tech hubs, whether Silicon Valley or Seattle, Boston or Austin, Tex., software companies are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger." ~George Anders (Forbes Online)
Read the article.

Brass Tacks

We keep things simple. Drop us a line. We always start with a chat about your needs and goals. We usually like to do a small test run, just to make sure we vibe. Next we'll provide an itemized estimate either with a high/low range or a flat rate. You approve the estimate and we do the work.


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